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   from Marriage: Unique for a Reason

Made for Each Other

Sexual difference and complementarity

Made for Life

The gift of children and the need for fathers and mothers


Made for Freedom

Marriage and religious liberty stand–or fall–together


Made for the Common Good

Society can’t flourish without healthy marriages


El Matrimonio: Hecho Para el Amor y la Vida

Video con subtítulos en inglés/Video with English subtitles

Love means more.



USCCB Committee on Laity, Marriage, Family Life, and Youth

For Your Marriage / Por Tu Matrimonio: Pastoral marriage sites (one in English and one in Spanish) with advice for engaged and married couples

USCCB Natural Family Planning Program

USCCB Respect Life Program

USCCB Faithful Citizenship: Resources for forming consciences and participating in political life

National Association of State Catholic Conference Directors: Provides links to all of the State Catholic Conferences, which educate and advocate for the Church’s public policy positions